Corn Snake

Corn Snake

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Corn snakes are great beginner snakes as well, and come in a variety of species that are good as pets. These snakes can be kept in a small enclosure when they are young, but may grow up to be 4–5 feet long, or bigger. For this reason, you should probably get a nice roomy enclosure for your king snake when it starts to get larger, as they are active and will use the space.

Needing a larger enclosure may seem like a downside for a beginner, but having a snake as active as a king will mean your snake will be a joy to watch when exploring its environment. The more places it has to burrow and climb, the more truly fascinating it becomes to observe.

Corn snakes are generally good eaters, and will usually take frozen mice without a problem. They are also known to climb, so make sure you have snake clamps or a sturdy weight on the top of your tank so they don’t escape. Or, even better, you can buy an enclosure specifically made for snakes that they can’t push their way out of.

One of the biggest misconceptions about corn snakes is that they stay small, which can be true in some cases, but they have the capability to grow large. It’s important to keep this in mind when you buy a baby, as they may need a big enclosure as adults. Their care remains simple, they just need some extra room to slither around.