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Crested Geckos are hugely popular these days, as they are very easy to care for and easy to breed, for those looking to get into that aspect of the hobby. One of the most appealing things about crested geckos is that they can be fed a meal powder called crested gecko diet, or CGD for short.

These geckos don’t need much space as babies and will do much better in a small enclosure, as they can have troubles finding their food in a tank too big. It is also important to remember that these are climbing geckos, so a smaller enclosure can prevent a baby gecko from falling and getting injured.

One of the most important rules to keeping a crested gecko is that you always make sure there is some humidity in the cage. For this reason, screen-top cages don’t work so well, as they don’t hold humidity.

There are TWO really big beginner misconceptions about crested geckos, one being that they need to have their tank SOAKED in water. In reality, crested geckos need high humidity but they also need to be able to dry out. If a gecko can’t get dry, it will likely develop a bacterial infection, which can be difficult and expensive to treat.

The other misconception is that crested geckos only need to eat CGD for their entire lives. While some have success with this model of feeding, it’s a much better idea to supplement your gecko’s diet with some type of feeder insect. You can also occasionally dust these insects in calcium powder to maintain bone health in your new pet. Crested geckos may be known as fruit-eating geckos, but once you see the look on their face when presented with a juicy worm.